House of Boxing Founder’s Series: Everything You Need to Know

4 min readNov 30, 2022

Punch your way into NFTs with House of Boxing Founder’s Series

After months of anticipation and hard work, House of Boxing is proud to present The Founder’s Series. This is a one of a kind Closed Beta Drop containing exclusive packs infused with iconic boxing moments, officially licensed by Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions.

What is Founder’s Series?

Founder’s Series is the genesis House of Boxing drop. This is a limited-edition collection, available only to early adopters and accessible only via whitelist invitation.

Round 1 will have limited number packs for whitelisted users. There will be 15 Tyson Fury Gold/Diamond packs up for grabs

The 1st drop will contain moments from the following fights:

  • Denzel Bentley Vs Marcus Morrison
  • Hamzah Sheeraz Vs Francisco Emanuel Torres
  • Tyson Fury Vs Dereck Chisora
  • Royston Barney Smith Vs Paul Holt
  • Arnold Obidai Vs Pawel Strykowski
  • Masood Abdulah Vs Stefan Nicolae
  • Ellis Zorro Vs Dec Spelman
  • Frank Arnold Vs Brayan Mairena
  • Khalid Ali Vs Dario Borosa
  • Adan Mohamed Vs Reiss Taylor
  • Lennox Clarke Vs Mark Heffron
  • Nick Ball Vs Nathanael Kakololo

What are Moments?

Moment NFTs are officially licensed House of Boxing collectibles that feature highlights from the world’s leading fights and fighters.

Each moment is a unique NFT (Non Fungible Token) verified on the blockchain. In other words, the moments that you own are entirely yours, with a unique serial number. An NFT simply put is a digital certificate of ownership.

Moments include the best punches, knockdowns, knockouts and iconic interviews from the world of boxing. The best Moments are now yours to own and relive.

What is the Utility of Moments?

Fans will experience boxing like never before.

  • Moments can be bought or sold on the House of Boxing Marketplace.
  • All Moments can be used in the upcoming PvP game (2023 Release). Every moment consists of a special trait, like defense, power, stamina and more which will upgrade your avatar. Compete online in live arenas against other players in 1v1 combat and rise up the ranks for rewards & more.

How to acquire Moments?

Moments can be acquired through packs, marketplace or auctions. The most common way to collect Moments is to buy a pack in the drop store, this will also be the method to acquire Moments in the our Founder’s Series. When users buy a pack, they will receive multiple Moments.

What are the Rarity Tiers?

All moments are divided between 4 rarity tiers. Common, Gold, Diamond & Obsidian. Obsidian being the most rare.

How to Sign up?

  • Go to
  • Sign up for the waitlist with your email address
  • Verify your email
  • Selected users will then receive a notification to claim their spot

Who is Eligible?

Our closed beta version is invite only — lucky members from will be selected via giveaways and promotions via the House of Boxing handle and our partners.

240 unique users will have a chance to experience the closed beta and get their hands on a pack each, which will contain 3 moments. The drop can be only accessed by whitelisted users and is limited to 1 Common pack per account.

10 Gold and 5 Diamond packs will also be available for users who want to get their hands on more exclusive moments. The supply is limited and can be bought on top of claiming a free Common pack.

Get ready to step into the ring and own a piece of boxing history!

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